Maritime-CV is the best way to let potential employers know you

This service is definitely for you if you want to:

  • register quickly in a number of crewing agencies
  • send your CV to employers in certain segment of shipping or region
  • send your CV to selected agencies

Selecting crewing agencies

You may use filters in left part of page or set checkboxes manually.

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To begin please use the menu on the right.

  1. Upload CV
  2. Upload other documents (attachments)
  3. Enter your e-mail
  4. Press ‘Continue’

Allowed files of CV and other documents:
doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, pdf, jpg, zip, rar.
The maximum size allowed of CV is 1 mb.
The maximum size allowed of each attachment is 1.5 mb.
Yahoo Emails are not supported!

Click to upload Your CV
Allowed file types
Attach your CV
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You can also add two more files, for example, reviews or an archive with important documents. We recommend using the PDF format.
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Why is it worth using our service?

save time
Time Saving
Sending a questionnaire to hundreds of companies at once significantly saves time that you could otherwise spend on individually submitting applications to each company
edit list
Editing the List of Recipient Companies
You can choose whom you want to send your questionnaire to and exclude companies from the list to which your questionnaire should not be sent
many options
Multiple Letter Formatting Options
You can format your letter in the best possible way, including making it stand out from other candidates
Sector-Specific Distribution
Send your resume only to relevant crewing companies that match your experience and career aspirations in the maritime sector
Distribution by Country or Region
If you want to register with companies or increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers in a specific country or region, then this option is for you
Service Completion Report
You will have access to a distribution log where you can see the exact time each of your letters was sent to a specific company

How does Maritime-CV work?

It’s only five steps to the job of your dream!

Step 1

Upload CV and attachments

Step 2

Choose the style of your email and the accompanying letter

Step 3

Choose the recipient agencies

Step 4

Pay for the service in a convenient way

Step 5

Your CV is sent out!

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